Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Clones Have Feelings Too

Some people are a lot more alike than it seems, and surprisingly, Matt and Vincent are pretty similar too.

Though these two protagonists are not in the same plot or near the same age, they’ve got a couple similarities. Yes, they do have different goals to achieve but Matt and Vincent are both trying to get respect, and get appreciated. In The House of the Scorpion, Matt wants to prove that clones like him, shouldn’t be considered different. They have all the same characteristics as a normal human would. The only thing that is different is where they come from which shouldn’t define who you are. Everyone has a soul no matter where they’re from or who they are. Near about chapter 20 of The House of the Scorpion Matt leaves the poppies fields and makes his way to the United States to mind Maria and to be appreciated as a human being. 

In the movie Gattaca, Vincent’s main goal has always to go up into space, but with his genetics and blood it is impossible for him to achieve that goal. That is when Vincent meets Jerome. Vincent then changes the look of his body so he looks like Jerome and every morning Vincent exfoliates his entire body to make sure not one piece of his DNA is put into the real world. Not only does Vincent need to look like Jerome but he needs to have the same blood/urine for when the time comes for a figure prick or to test your urine. In this case Jerome puts packages of his own blood/urine for Vincent. Though these characters goals are not the same, they just want to be appreciated for who they are, and if they don’t get that. They will do whatever it takes to get the type of respect they value the most.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Coyotes and Farm Patrol!

Farm patrol are people who explore the opium fields trying to find people who are illegally crossing the border. I think this is a real problem because sometimes people do not have the money to do it legally and the only way they can find money to stay alive is to get a job in a different country. Though some people cannot afford this and think the best way to improve their life is to do something illegal, they’re wrong. There are places in the real world where people can help you mange money and live a successful life as they were looking for. Matt however was not crossing the border to work specifically but because he didn’t want his life to end since he was poisoned which caused his heart not strong enough for El Patron to survive. 

Even after Matt found out that El Patron used him for his organs, Matt still felt and bit guilty and disappointed after his passing. But just like in real life, Matt was doing what was best for him. Find Maria, and life a normal life has a human would. Instead of being judged because he was a clone as if he were a book - “never judge a book by it’s cover”. 

In this article 19 asylum seekers decided to cross the border into Manitoba, Canada. 
This was illegal since they crossed a border in an unknown prairie, but they chose to cross in a complete white out blizzard. In these extreme conditions it is unable to see people from a far distance and it would be almost impossible to get caught in the middle of nowhere in a blizzard. Not only was it freezing cold and incredible difficult to see, but, they were facing north walking into Canada with wind going at 80 kilometers and a wind chill of -28Âșc. This means that they were walking directly into the strong, cold wind pushing against them. 

Yes I think this is a real problem, if someone is considering doing this. I suggest looking into financial supporters so you can stay strong legally!

What is Education?

What is education and how do people learn about their worlds?  In what ways can someone “get educated?”

Do you think you would learn effectively by being yelled at?
When education comes to mind I think of a place where there is someone who cares about your future and how you learn. I feel that is you have a teacher who does not necessarily enjoying teaching but they’re doing it for their future, I don’t think you will get a proper education. Though when you do have someone who really loves doing it I think you would get a better education. The person teaching you should be passionate in what they do and they're excited to go to work every morning. A teacher not only needs to have a love for teaching but they need to enjoy being around children. If things can get on they’re nerves quite easy like how children do, they could get frustrated which causes them to not try as hard. As they say, “you can’t paint angry". This is because when your frustrated or stressed you loose the care you had to begin with and try a bit less. You want to give it your all. 

Education is not just about the teachers feelings for teaching but it’s also about their teaching methods. Some expect you to learn everything and get notes down from a lecture, others sit you down give examples and give you support in the places you need. In The House of The Scorpions, Matt - the protagonist, gets bored from “teacher” teaching him the same things over and over. Matt is the type of learner where he wants to explore different strategies. 
The way you get educated does not have to be always boring but if you can adjust it to a way you WANT to learn and a way you are eager to learn I think it is a more effective way. 
Could you imagine trying to learn sitting on a muddy puddle? No, I don’t think so. The way you learn is effected of the place your located. Usually people prefer to have a quiet clean place with only distractions that could help your leanings, like a map. 

If you are planning on getting educated or planning to educate someone else I suggest finding a clean quite space where you can work together and bounce ideas off of each other instead of taking in a lecture and figuring it out of your own. 

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Clones Are Smart Too

If you have read the book The House of The Scorpions, you would know that Matt is the main character. 
To start off with Matt connects to View of The Good Life. I think this is because Matt knows he’s a clone and from the research he has done he knows what they are used for. In this case Matt goes on weekly adventures and tries new things that come easy to him like playing the piano, guitar or even riding a horse. Matt tries to make the most out of the life he has and lives his life to the fullest. The worldview element, View of the Good Life main definition is "The goals to strive for in living one's life". This I think is what Matt lives for, he wants to make his life worth it since clones normally only last till age 14. Matt is the type of person to use all the time he has and make every second count. 

I think that Sources of Ethical Wisdom also connects to Matt because since he is a clone and there are some things different about him than real people I think that sometimes he would have an impression of someone when they are not the type of person he thinks they are, For example, Matt at first thought that Tam Lin was an innocent bodyguard that worked for El Patron but later in the book Matt finds out that Tam Lin is a terroist. I’m sure this was a huge shock for him since he looked up to Tam Lin so much. 

Another example for Sources of Ethical Wisdom is how Matt always think El Parton is there to love and is a father like figure El Patron could just be treating Matt like this so that Matt trusts him. As we know El Patron is greedy and wants everything to himself so if he is trying to keep Matt’s organs safe for himself maybe Matt is assuming the wrong thing. 

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Pages 1-101 Review - The Scorpion Project

We recently finished reading pages 1-101 in The Scorpion Project. So far I have really enjoyed this book because of how it keeps you reading and you wanna see what’s next. At the one part in the book where Matt, the main character broke the window and fell out, it made me excited to keep reading to find out what’s gonna happen next. These are the types of books I like to read because it makes my heart beat fast I don’t know what’s going to happen which I think is the best type of book. This book is being narrated but I think it would make it more excited and be able to connect to yourself if Matt was the one talking throughout the book. I think that would improve the quality of the book because sometimes you ask yourself what Matt’s thinking or what is feeling like when something is happening.  
I think that this book is super unique which made it hard to follow at first because it started with Eduardo talking about 36 droplets of life which was quite confusing. But, as I also said when books have cliff hangers like this or a weird start you want to keep reading and see what they're talking about and what it means. Another example of a cliff hanger like this is when Celia told Matt she wasn't his mom and Matt was sad because he didn't have one like everyone else on television. 
When I read this book I kinda think of it as a puzzle or a challenge in some ways because of how the author gives small hints and you later find out something shocking. For example, when Matt always talked about staring into the distance with a field of white poppies you would not normally think of these “white poppies” has something used for a drug. Another example if when Nancy Farmer was writing about  how Matt wanted a mom and that he was disappointed he wasn't like everyone else. Later we found out that Matt was a clone and it is so far impossible for a clone to have a mother and father. 
This book also causes lots of emotions including scared, happy, nervous and even sad. 
When Rosa, the maid, what hurt Matt and treat him like he wasn't important it was crazy how someone could treat a living create so horrible.

In the end I so far have really enjoyed this book and am excited to continue reading. 

Credits to JulianColton for this image.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Individual Post #1 - The Scorpion Project

We just learned about our schedule and some assignments for our up coming novel study on The House of The Scorpion. I normally do not enjoy reading but I've heard good things about this book and am looking forward to getting into it. I am a bit nervous for taking good notes while reading because when I read I don't always know what to take notes on, I just want to read without worrying on what information I should have. I think that after I finish a page I will write a couple of notes on the main things that happened and the important things I need to remember on that page for up coming group or individual projects. If this strategy doesn't work and on some pages there is not much that happened or anything important to write down I will most likely do a short summary after each chapter. Going into this novel study I'm hoping that the chapters aren't too long because I am more confident in reading a specific amount of pages in a specific amount of time when the chapters are a bit shorter then some other novels.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Imagination Is The Best Part Of Childhood (Individual Litspiration Post #1)

Don’t you want your children to explore their imagination? Don’t you want to see what children can achieve with their mind? Can you imagine a world where all the children are trying to cure diseases or writing an award winning novel on their freetime? Sure you might think this is possible. But, if you want your children to be known for these things, an imagination is highly needed. How are doctors supposed to try new experiments when they don’t know how to use an imagination?

I strongly believe that children deserve to have freedom to explore their imagination. Without it, all the books would be about the same thing or we wouldn’t  have the right mind to find cures to deadly diseases. You must know Harry Potter is a boy wizard who can cast spells on anything, without imagination, this book and movie could not be possible. The Little Prince started as a book, the authors would have to have an understanding imagination to write it. It’s packed with stories coming to life and a little girl started a rusty plane with a hot air balloon. Star Wars is fighting with lightsabers up in space. Who could’ve thought of that action packed movie without an imagination? Without giving our children the ability of exploring whimsical ideas, in the future they won’t have the right mindset to invent new theories or technology. You although, this might make our children immature with thinking anything is possible. But as kids, they don’t need to be worrying about the next decades.

Children should have fun while they can. Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, etc have been a tradition for millions of families for decades. Without these, children won’t have little things each year to look forward to. Walt Disney is a marvelous example of great businessman but with an outstanding imagination. Disney was an average kid who believed that anything could happen. Some people might say that he was childish, or immature for starting and ending his life with mascots.

Now, remember if you want your child to grow up and have a highly ranked job, make sure that you teach them it is good to have whimsical visions. Without these visions they will not reach their full potential. While they’re older they need to know how to use their creative mindset to have a great job and  make this world better. Don’t forget, with an imagination full of whimsical ideas, anything can happen, like Walt Disney said “If you can dream it, you can do it.”